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Welcome to Arc Consulting


Over the past twenty years, business communication has undergone a major transformation.  This ranges from paperless documents through to global networking across telephone lines. At ARC Consulting we are steeped in knowledge and experience in the field of modern telecoms, an understanding of the business model, and of a fast secure and reliable sending and retrieval of information.



At ARC Consulting we are committed to providing our customers with an unparalleled level of service and project management, should this be required, at an affordable price. This forms the core of our strategic business solution. We provide our customers with services ranging from preliminary consultations identifying the most suitable solution to an after-sales service offering peace of mind.



We pride ourselves on providing the latest and most appropriate equipment on the market. Let us find a tailor-made solution to your IT and Communication needs, we are committed to helping SME’s succeed.


What we do:

Key / IP systems

Structured Cabling, Voice, Data, Optical Fiber and all Backbone Feeds,

Building Infrastructures for Data and Call Centers.

Complete conductivity of Category 5e, 6, 7 Coax, and Optical Fiber

Testing and labling of all copper and fiber to TIA/EIA Standards


Trouble Shooting all copper, optical, fiber and phone switches


Telephone key systems / adds, moves and changes including


Avaya, Sprint, Panasonic, Nortel, Meridian and many more!


Power Supplies, Network Equipment, Phone Equipment, Racks


Cabinets, Intercom PA Systems, Video & Security Systems


IP Cameras, Wireless Networks, Telephones & Faxes,


Data Transmission, Flat Panel TVs, Multi Zone Audio Receivers


Sound Systems & Speakers


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